The lineage of Black Magic

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  • Offizieller Text zu Cartians Werdegang und knappe Infos zu Schwarzmagierinnen.
    The lineage of Black Magic, as recorded in the Book of Ancients, dates far back in time.

    The first Sorceress, the one who started it all, was Cartian. All present-day Sorceresses are considered her descendants, and the little town of Tarif holds evidence for such a claim. Tarif was founded around three hundred years ago by Cartian and Allan Serbin. The Book of Cartian, only found and circulated within Tarif, has always been considered the Holy Scripture for Sorceresses. Not everything was mentioned or explained in the Book of Cartian, however, not even the Reaper’s Scythe, the weapon solely used by the Great Sorceress herself.

    During Cartian’s time, there was a great territorial war between the Humans and the Cyclopians. The Cyclops were about to completely consume the outnumbered and physically weaker humans, until Cartian appeared and vanquished them with the Scythe. After Cartian’s victory, the Sorceresses divided into several smaller clans, and began to spread out across the world beyond Tarif. Though she had lived their for an outstandingly long span of time, much longer than that of an average human, Cartian is believed to have settled near Hexe Sanctuary, with one of the smaller clans. Just before the almost immortal Sorceress disappeared, she injected every ounce of her destructive power into her Scythe, and sealed it away. It did not take long before the Scythe was found by other Sorceresses who could not control its power, so Allan Serbin, a long-time friend of Cartian and the chief of Tarif, had to seal the Scythe again under the sacred tree of Scuffling Letusa.

    As a result, Allan Serbin lost his body, trapping his spirit in a picture frame, where he watches over Tarif to this very day.


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