Angepinnt Was uns in BDO noch erwartet... [NEWS AUS KOREA/EU/NA]

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    • Neues in BDO:

      DOOM IS INC!


      Was macht der MC eigentlich? Was ist ein MC? (Media Community Manager)

      In Korea ist er das Model für den Archer/Schützen


      Weitere News folgen.

      Etwas zum lachen oder zum "OMG"...?

      (Batel Royal Event?)
      Manchmal muss man etwas aus der Entfernung betrachten, damit man versteht.
    • Sie können ja nicht immer unsere Wünsche erfüllen, andere Spieler haben auch ihre vor lieben.
      Ich finde es auch etwas, hm... schön aber hm,...nun gut ich spiele ja eh nur Männer, von daher.
      Manchmal muss man etwas aus der Entfernung betrachten, damit man versteht.
    • Für die wo es Interesiert:

      Q. Why did you decide to renew the story?

      Black Desert Online is a game with awesome combat and a great degree of
      freedom in a graphically stunning open world. And over the years, we
      kept up with the fast-paced updates, continuously fixing issues that
      needed to be addressed, which made it difficult to lay out a big plan to
      create a major story.

      The world of Black Desert is vast and interesting, but its depiction
      became old fashioned. The plots began to conflict as we released more

      Therefore, we started this endeavour to reorganize the plotlines and
      decided early this year to renew the story overall. You can say the
      newly updated main story leading up to Calpheon is just the beginning of
      this project.

      In other words, we plan on updating the story beyond Serendia-Calpheon
      continuously so that adventurers can enjoy the massive world of Black
      Desert as it becomes even more defined.

      Q. What is the most crucial change you’ve made in the first half of the remastering process?

      In Serendia-Calpheon, we focused on solidifying the world. We wanted to
      answer the basic questions our adventurers had since the beginning.

      For example, questions like: What do the Shadow Knights do exactly? Are
      all the Elionian priests crazy? Why are they trying to summon Kzarka?
      How did Kzarka end up in Serendia Shrine instead of Kzarka(Calpheon)

      We haven’t provided all the answers to every side of the story because
      we need to save some for the twists and turns. But we gave enough so
      that people can pick up on the general direction of the story, while
      leaving out material to present in stories and side quests that will be

      Additionally, we tried to structure the plots so the users can feel like
      they are a part of the story as they encounter NPCs and communicate
      with them.

      We tried to maintain as much of the old world as possible while trying
      to share the world in more depth as well as addressing various
      unanswered questions. This was to structure the stories leading up to
      Mediah, Valencia, etc. but also to preserve the memories and experiences
      in the original world of Black Desert Online.

      If there’s something particular in this renewal, it is that users can choose different paths in certain parts of the story.

      You won’t gain or lose out on any special items because of your choices
      here. This was done so that it will feel different whenever someone
      levels a new character.

      (One of the paths follows the old storyline, but the other paths are different).

      Each path takes a look at the world from the perspective of different
      NPCs and events. It will most definitely be enjoyable for adventurers
      that like detailed settings and stories.

      Q. Will there be changes made to the previous stances of main
      characters? If there are new characters, please give us a simple

      Secret Guards with Orwen and Edan, and main characters including Jordan
      were the ones taking the lead in a huge part of the storyline from

      However, their importance may rise or fall drastically depending on the
      path you take. It is not like the personalities of the different
      characters or the basic premise changed, but they will feel much
      different from before. For example, the way Orwen looks at you might be a
      bit different from before, believe it or not.

      Also, we added details to the characters and incidents that were only briefly mentioned before, to make them more dramatic.

      For example, the tragedy that happened in Keplan.

      We will go deeper into the story of Oze, that we briefly looked at in
      the previous story. Questions such as, what happened to Oze? What
      happened when the Petrifying Disease struck Keplan? Why did the lord and
      handmaid lose their minds? Where is Oze now?

      Not to mention, Illezra, the destroyer of Mediah, has finally appeared.

      What business does Illezra have in Calpheon?
      I don’t want to spoil the story so please try playing through them!

      Q. What will happen to users who were on the previous main quests?
      Those who were already on the previous main quests can continue with those quests.
      However, they cannot do the previous quests again from the start.

      Meaning, characters created afterwards can only do the renewed quests.
      While characters that already started with the previous quests will
      continue on.

      Try playing our new class Archer as he is released at the same time as
      the storyline renewal. Please don’t skip the dialogues we worked so hard
      on (laughs).

      Q. Do you plan on remastering the later part of the story? If so, how
      are you scheduling them? (Black Spirit’s identity, details about the
      Valencia vs Calpheon, etc.)

      The story renewal is still a work in progress.
      Next, will be Mediah.
      Mediah will also have multiple paths, and we are working to create a
      concrete view. For example, who is Neruda Shen and what does he want?
      How about the prince of misfortune, Bareeds III? What is the Bautt
      Lithograph? Also, what in the world happened during the 3 Days of
      Darkness? All these will be revealed in the next part of the story,
      We are creating a long and dramatic story by completing each of the stories in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, etc in order.
      Of course, this will lead to the revelation of what the Black Spirit and Ancient Ruins are and other mysteries.

      Q. Last but not least. Please say a word for the adventurers who are enjoying Black Desert Online.

      The renewal of the stories in Black Desert will continue. We hope you
      will be able to enjoy and take another step deeper into the world of
      Black Desert. Please enjoy it twice. No, three times! Since there are
      three paths. Also, the second part of the renewed story, Mediah, is
      scheduled to be revealed early 2019. We hope you will look forward to it
      as well!
      Manchmal muss man etwas aus der Entfernung betrachten, damit man versteht.
    • Auch im neuen Jahr wird es wieder schöne Sachen geben. So kommt eine neue Rüstung für alle Klassen bald auch zu uns.
      Ich musste etwas an Skyrim denken. :D

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      Manchmal muss man etwas aus der Entfernung betrachten, damit man versteht.