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  • Regrets.

    I woke up in a dark room, cold chill is running down my back as I am desperately trying to move but my body just seems to work against me. It feels like I am out of my body high above it, in some unknown world, in some unknown state, but still connected to it with some kind of invisible chain, the type of chain they wrap around your neck. Slowly I can feel the strength that grips around my neck, forcing me to breathe harder, like somebody, or something, is choking me. The last several minutes I was trying to move my body, nothing happened, but now that I am more or less aware of my 'surroundings' I can feel my disconnected body shaking. It's trembling as I am desperately trying to force it into my commanded movements. Something is changing - my eyelids open and I see something that, not in any imagination, can just be a wild dream gone bad.

    I was halfway looking down my body, which was leaking blood out of the wound in my chest, where the big kingsword had pierced my armor. Now I know why I couldn't breathe. He is standing right in front of me, that king, holding the sword that probably is currently draining the last drop of life out my weak soulless body. He is smiling in his accomplishment of hurting me. A little further to his left side I can see my heart and soul, blood all over her, from face to toe. I can hear her dagger deflecting from the kings armor, which she probably threw in a desperate decision of trying to safe me. Her cries are in vain whilst the king staying in front of me twists his blade in a gentle, unforgiving way, ripping my organs wide open. I see the fire from the trees, I see the greed in the kings eyes, I see my love, all fading away at once. Slowly turning the incredibly familiar black hair, the long spiky ears, the blood on her armor and the unforgiving tears on her cheeks in a mushy picture, probably my last picture of her.

    In my last attempt of breathing some air, I am thinking of all the love I was given by her, the nights and days we spent together. How beautiful it was to lie against her body, feeling her warmth, smelling the all so familiar roses she brought. I remember the kind words in every situation I was getting desperate in. I am lost of words, falling into my death, just recognizing the past events in which I truly found peace for my dear love and myself. I remember so much of her, but then, suddenly not anymore. Like she never existed, I wanted to think of it again but my memories did not respond anymore. I sat in darkness, just with the plain feeling of emptyness, where once was this thing I knew, I cared about the most. I tried harder and harder, there must be a moment I could remember! It can't all be gone! It can't. But it was.

    There I was, I saw the white in the distance getting closer, I noticed how my mind was getting erased, this is it. The end. Not a warm reminder of the good days, no, nothing but a dark room filling up with unforgiving light whilst you know you forgot something important, the only important thing.

    I regret forgetting... whatever it was I so dearly loved.
    Wissen ist Macht und Wissen ist wie Liebe - es wird mehr wenn man es Teilt -Art3mis

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  • Art3mis -

    Fun Fact: Entstand in 13 Stunden Rückreise aus dem Urlaub <3

    • Art3mis -

      Fun Fact: Es wurden beim Schreiben dieses Textes keine Elfen verletzt.

    • Art3mis -

      Fun Fact: Fun Facts sind nicht fun. *mic drops*