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You fascinated me,
cloaked in shadows and secrecy,
the beauty of a broken angel.
I ventured carefully
afraid of what you thought I'd be
... but pretty soon, I was entangled.

You take me by the hand
I'm seeing who I am.

Teach me how to fight, I'll show you how to win!
You're my mortal flaw and I'm your fatal sin
Let me feel the sting, the pain, the burn under my skin.

Put me to the test I'll prove that I'm strong
I finally see what you knew was inside me all along
That behind this soft exterior

... lies a warrior.


Damaris Rivera & Calissia

Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag @Sappho :love: <3

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  • Sappho -

    <3 __ <3 Ich liebe es wie verrückt.......